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Description:   The script is used to help parsing INI configure file in bash shell. It can make programmer be concentrated on their work but not file parsing.Email: wjguo.bbiniparser [at] cat con.ini[Server]port=8080default_rule=accept[client]IP= con.ini== Parsed Config ==[Server]default_rule => acceptport => 8080[client]dns => =>

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M's INI parser M's INI parser is a small library written in standard C++ that implements a parser that handles information stored in INI format documents and presents it in a pair of nested std::maps.

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aipsetup This is simple GNU/Linux package manager written on bash.This project is being rewritten using python, so only some basic support remained for bash based version.

b4s Playlist Parser We intend to create a b4s Playlist Parser, that parses Winamp3\'s XML-based b4s format, using client-side JavaScript and XMLDOM.

Bash-based traffic accounting system Traffic accounting system written in bash. Requires cron, bc, sed, iptables. Provides daily/hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly statistical information about certain iptable chains. requires basic knowledget about network masks and iptables.

C - xml config file parser Hi ALL, This is my first project on SF. A simple xml config file parser that helps you to create dynamic app that reads value from config file. Parser xml config fileTo crete dynamic apps in c that read value from xml file rather than ...

COM-plex A terminal built for the USBasp AVR-ISP programmer, which now has RS-232 in the ISP-connector. It also works with normal COM-ports. Data is presented in a simple console or a regex-based graph-parser! Despite the name it is NOT complex to use :) use the USBasp ...

HTML Parser for PHP 4 Object oriented PHP based HTML parser. The HtmlParser class allows you to interate through HTML nodes and get their attributes, names and values. It also comes with an example class for converting HTML to formatted ASCII text.

IMDb/bash Movie Collection Script A bash script that lists your entire movie collection, adds cover, plot, genre and other information about the movie into a nice table based webpage. New feature: the script now can be used without renaming folders. It checks the nfo-files within the folder for a ...

INIGear INIGear is an INI parser and utility to use this format in your own projects to store simple data. Can make, edit, read, parse INI structure. Will correct errors automatically. For J2ME have special class RMSWorks to save and load structure from RMS. Creating, editing ...

bartlby Bartlby is a network and system monitor completely written in C, to provide a scaleable framework with the ability to monitor networks of various sizes. Bartbly consits of a core deamon, serveral plugins and the web-gui (php-extension).

bashlib bashlib is a small CGI library for scripts written in the bash shell. Some effort has been made to remain backwards-compatible with the Bourne shell. It currently handles GETs, POSTs, keywords, and cookies.

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