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SaveGameBackup.n et is your savegame solution. gives every gamer a way to easily backup and restore their game saves with just a couple clicks. Whether you just want a backup of your saves, or you are building a new computer, is the tool you ...

Freeware  1,352k 662


Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It displays stars, constellations, planets, nebulas and others things like ground, landscape, atmosphere, etc.It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.Features:Sky: - default catalogue of over 600,000 stars - extra ...

Freeware  52,460k 672

MicroPlanet Gravity 2.9.15 Beta

MicroPlanet Gravity is a fully-featured Usenet newsreader for 32/64 bit Windows (XP/Vista/Win7). Used for reading and decoding binaries.

Freeware  8,858k 592

Gnews Snatch

Gnews Snatch is a Desktop News Search Tool which uses a WebService to search news based on a keyword provided by the user, from Google News and displays it.

Freeware  464k 692


xMessenger is a stealth chat, with which you can send messages to another computer who has started the xMessenger server (possibly stealthily in background). The connection uses TCP (port 11112 by default). You just need to know the IP address.

Freeware  5,724k 509

BLA Messenger

This is an open source P2P Chatclient. It was created for people to see an example of a chat-program and learn network programming by looking at our code.

Freeware  578k 543


With HelloNzb you can download from Usenet servers via NZB files. The software is based on Java and can therefore run on many platforms (tested on Windows and Linux). Automatic archive verification via PAR2, built-in yEnc- and UU-decoding.

Freeware  2,150k 557


Downimdb lets you download movie trailers from IMDB.

Freeware  200k 543

DownloadTrailers v2.0 (

Download Movie Trailers from

Freeware  757k 735

Neembuu Uploader

Neembuu Uploader is a batch uploader application that uploads files simultaneously to multiple filehosts and manages the download and delete URLs. Currently 12 hosts are supported.

Freeware  1,157k 516


HeXHub is an IOCP-based file-sharing hub with anti-flood protection, anti-spam protection, DDoS filtering / source locator, content filtering and more. The HexHub server also features (as much as the configuration options permit) an easy to use graphical

Freeware  1,157k 490

The Owner-Free File System

You can imagine the OFFSYSTEM as a very big distributed hard disk: The vision of the OFFSYSTEM is to be the biggest online storage solution all over the world by a constantly growing peer-to-peer-network, supported by you and other users. Upload a file in

Freeware  1,546k 591


A program with a graphical interface for sending and receiving files over TCP/IP.

Freeware  3,021k 440


Direct Connect client based on StrongDC++. A combination of features from popular DC clients along with many new features written especially for IceDC++.

Freeware  3,584k 472


Credence is a useful and free tool for combating spam and pollution in filesharing networks. Credence lets you vote on files in the network, analyzes the votes of your peers so you can avoid polluted files, and automatically identifies the voters in the n

Freeware  9,318k 514


SimpleTimer is a simple countdown timer with pause. Select the time and it shows a message box at 5 minutes, 30 sec., and time up. After the timer runs out, it counts up. It is uses a VB.Net timer with a couple of integers to ...

Freeware  301k 511

Binary to Header

bin2header takes any file as an argument and converts its binary data into a source header file for use in C/C++ applications. The data is stored as a character array.

Freeware  202k 531

KeyValue Finder

A small application for finding Keyboard KeyValues for use in programs like Visual Studio quickly and easily.

Freeware  36k 461


WireMaster is a user interface (UI) tool for creating wireframes in an open, XML based format. A wireframe is a basic visual guide used in web design to suggest the structure of a website and relationships between it?s pages.

Freeware  19,436k 447

CodeLineStatisti cs 0.5 Beta

Code Line Statistics will show you various statistics about the files from a GUI. The code line statistics takes files and directories from GUI, counts the total files, total sizes of files, total lines, lines of codes, lines of comments and lines of blan

Freeware  6,840k 478


A free tool to query and manage databases such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

Freeware  622k 454


QuickSharp is a minimalist C# IDE for Microsoft .NET Framework. It includes a sophisticated code editor with code completion, syntax coloring and code-folding, built-in compile and run, and support for ASP.NET and SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite databases.

Freeware  2,693k 546


This is a Super Simple Java Editor written entirely in Java. It allows you to compile and run java programs in an mdi interface with syntax highlighting and easy commenting.

Freeware  78k 486


Telnet client controlled by VB script. Good tool for developers and administrators. Facilitatesrepetitive tasks. Can run scripts on client and server sides. New style of navigation with the mouse.

Freeware  560k 539


JMyBackup is a simple graphical user interface for MySQL database backups. JMyBackup is easy to use (user interface for mysqldump). To run JMyBackup there is no installation necessary.

Freeware  2,150k 433

Mysql Monitor Tool

Mysql Monitor Tool is a useful application to monitor multiple Mysql server instances. Its simple and effective user interface allows you to track the health of your servers, check parameters and visualize trends via real time charts.

Freeware  2,826k 524

MySQL Database Backup

Backup tool for MySQL to automatically / manually create sql dump files, for data, table structure, functions and stored procs. Can run via the task manager for backups on a regular base. Backup can be zipped with a password and saved on a server.

Freeware  1,567k 595


Sql2Csv is a small tool for converting records selected from a database to a text file with separated values, html, SQL dump or xml file. Target users are semi database professionals that are able to use SQL. Sql2Csv is a .NET based tool.

Freeware  969k 515

OxygenOffice Professional

OxygenOffice Professional (was: Premium) is an enhanced version of which is a multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, an

Freeware  351,027k 450


tinyManager is a light, fast, Customer Relationship Management software program.

Freeware  1,004k 478
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